Not your typical spring break: Puerto Vallarta

Some alternate spots for none spring breakers!

When I was studying in Mexico, I decided to go to Puerto Vallarta with my friend Ayumi during spring time. Back then, I didn’t really know that Puerto Vallarta is famous for being one of the most popular spring break destination. So in this article, you won’t see any recommendations on clubs or night life, but more about the beaches that we visited.

Before going, I already that Puerto Vallarta is a very touristy beach town, but since it’s one of the closest beach I could reach when I lived in Guadalajara, and seems like everyone in Guadalajara has at least been to Puerto Vallarta once, I decided to check it out. But like always, I really like going to beaches with less people, so I did some research, and found out 2 beaches that I was interested in: Playa Colomitos and Playa Quimixto. So visiting these 2 beaches is my priority, I didn’t mind missing out the party that my friends recommended…


Playa Colomitos

Playa Colomitos is not hard to reach, but definitely not the kind of beach that you can wake up to if you stay in a hotel. It’s a 40 minute slightly bumpy bus ride towards south. The beach is smaller than I thought, it’s like a small corner by the ocean, since it’s not a big place, I would recommend to go there as early as possible, so you can have this tiny cozy beach all to yourself.

Despite of the small area of this beach, the color of the water is beautiful, it’s a beautiful mix of clear blue and green.

IMG-20170319-WA0042            20170319_11351620170319_124136

Although this beach is located in the middle of nowhere, but there is a restaurant called Ocean Grill Vallarta, and I’ve seen some good reviews about it. I didn’t try, but for those who are interested in going, it seems like a nice place to eat, do remember to make a reservation ahead.



Playa Quimixto

Playa Quimixto is a little 15 minutes away from Playa Colomitos by boat. (Most boats take you to Playa Colomitos and then to Playa Quimixto) It’s a much bigger beach comparing with Playa Colomitos, it has hotels, restaurants, and everything you could probably need, not as high end as the ones in Puerto Vallarta center though.

The one interesting we did was that we went on a horseback riding to go to a waterfall. And we literally went through some very uneven path… but was really interesting!

IMG-20170319-WA0043       20170319_140142


I was pretty satisfied with these 2 beaches, and in my opinion, they’re way more beautiful and calm than the main beach Playa Los Muertos.

The food is more expensive than most beach towns in Mexico, surely there are a lot of nice restaurants, but I just didn’t feel like spending that much when I simply wanted nothing luxurious. We did find a great shop called Barra Light with delicious, fresh smoothie, and the owner of this shop was so sweet as well.

20170320_113732Spinach, orange, lemon, and a touch of mint… absolutely refreshing in a hot summer day! We were seriously thinking about taking another cup right after we finished drinking the delicious smoothie.

Lastly, I feel like most people choose to stay in hotels when they travel to Puerto Vallarta, I can see the reason why, there are sooo many hotel options and some of them aren’t even that expensive. But since I’m a big fan of hostels and Air Bnb, Ayumi and I chose an Air Bnb place at the city center, and it was one of the prettiest Air Bnb I’ve ever stayed, it was like a villa, and the price was very reasonable, not even more expensive. So just want to point out that hotel is not your only option when travelling to Puerto Vallarta!20170318_132632

Puerto Vallarta is one of the beach town that feels like Cancun, and personally I prefer more natural sites over night life, but I did find some nice spots in Puerto Vallarta that gave me a pretty good time, so I guess I could say Puerto Vallarta has a little bit of everything for all types of travelers!




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