First time in Hong Kong!

My first trip in 2018!

My colleagues have been making jokes about how unbelievable it is for me, a girl who already traveled to Latin America and Europe, to have never traveled to Hong Kong. In the beginning of January, I decided to take 1 day off and finally planned my very first trip to Hong Kong.

We Taiwanese have an strong impression of Hong Kong: “Eat, shop, repeat.” To be frank, this doesn’t sound too appealing to me, but never judge before you try it yourself, am I right?

My trip to Hong Kong is a 3 day weekend getaway, I feel like Hong Kong has a lot more to discover, and also Hong Kong is really a lot bigger than I have imagined since all of my friends said Hong Kong is very very small. The public transportation is so convenient that you can easily move from places to places in no time, maybe that’s the reason why people feel like Hong Kong is small. In short, in this article I would like to share with you some of the interesting things and places in Hong Kong.

1515928043929 Inside Hong Kong’s pubic metro system MTR’s station

  • Keep moving!

The first big difference that I experienced in Hong Kong was the super fast pace. The moment I stepped on the escalator in the airport, even the speed of the escalator is faster than most places’ and I almost tripped. When I started walking on the street, people also walked so fast as if they were in a rush, and the traffic light makes this constant buzzing sound when the light turns green, which sounds like a bomb ticking, urging people to walk faster. In Hong Kong, it’s hard to catch a moment to just “stop”, people are passing by like waves, you could easily stand in their way… so all you gotta do is keep moving!

  • Fast food restaurant, literally

Another big difference that I realized in Hong Kong is that people not only walk fast, they also eat very fast. In Taiwan, there are a lot of restaurants that doesn’t have dining time limit, so you can sit down, eat slowly and meanwhile chat with friends. This is almost impossible to see in Hong Kong, customers enter, order, eat, pay for the meal and leave: all of this happen within 30 minutes. And if you finish your meal but keep sitting at your spot chatting with friends… surely you will get some impatient stares from the waiters.

  • Monster buildings

Since there isn’t a lot of space, buildings keep growing higher and higher, the city is like a huge concrete jungle. It’s quite interesting to see such view, but I can’t imagine how difficult it is to live in such a place that’s so densely populated.


 Yik Cheong, Quarry Bay

  • Knutford Terrace > Lan Kwai Fong

When speaking of night life in Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong is probably where most people recommended, but we need to talk about Knutford Terrace. Knutford Terrace is in between Jordan and Tsim Sha Tsui, after walking along the main road, you suddenly encounter this steep hill which looks like the kind of place to unload cargos. You go all the way up and you’ll see a tiny lane full of bars on one side, and voila! You have found Knutford Terrace. The atmosphere here is more chill and relax, perfect for those who prefer nice chat with drinks over clubs with loud music.

1515928103814                 20180112_213452

Had a fancy glowing shisha at Knutford Terrace!


  • Escape from the crowd… Dragon’s Back trail

Hong Kong is so densely populated(and this come from a girl who lives in Taipei… so you know I’m not exaggerating) that I have the constant urge of escape from the crowd. Luckily there are quite a few options that are great for a little escape from the urban life, I was glad that there were actually more than just shopping and eating in Hong Kong. Dragon’s Back Trail is one of the easiest hiking spot you can reach, simply take the MTR to Shau Kei Wan station and follow the people to take bus no.9 and you will be able to get to the starting point of the trail. It took me around 90 minutes (with quite easy pace) or so to reach the highest spot of Dragon’s Back, and the view was just spectacular.


1515891674024   1515928063129

And yes, it’s windy up there.

  • And the food?

So, about the famous gastronomy… Maybe it’s because that I have heard so much good things about the food in Hong Kong, or maybe it’s because I didn’t stand in the queue of those famous restaurants… I don’t know, for some reason I wasn’t that surprise by the food. Also I have a small appetite, 3 days was just not enough for me to try everything my friends have recommended me. The food is Hong Kong has pretty strong flavor, and sometimes it’s a little too much to handle if you eat that 3 meals a day. But I did have some really nice dishes!


My friend Peggy trying the creamy tart. That was a really big bite.

  • The city’s night view

Hong Kong may not be the most beautiful city in the world, but it surely has an amazing night view. My friend and I took the old fashioned Star Ferry from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon, and the view was wonderful. 20180112_201703

20180112_201950    1515804168851

Last but not least, thanks to my lovely friend Peggy and my guide Jonas for making this Hong Kong trip full of great memories! It was indeed a short but awesome trip.



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