Rainy hike at Qixing Mountain

Wasn’t part of my plan to hike during a rainy day.

Since it was a national holiday, and I trusted the weather forecast, I planned on going hiking and maybe see some cherry blossom. But the moment I stepped out of home it started to rain. And my boyfriend came a long way for this hike so we decided to do it anyway.

The easy way to reach Qixing Mountain is to first take bus S15 all the way to Lengshuikeng. You can find the bus stop at MRT Jiantan Station. The trip to Lengshuikeng is about 30-40 minutes.

When you get off at Lengshuikeng, there’s a pretty obvious trail going up, it’s the entrance to the Qixing Mountain. It’s almost all stairs, it could be a little difficult at the beginning. But soon you’ll see that the trail offers you a great view: it’s only the beginning, though! Great vistas await!

20180228_101827The stairs were a bit slippery, it kept on drizzling but with the wind my boyfriend got soaked up pretty fast though he had an umbrella, I was glad that I brought some sort of water proof parka.


I could imagine that it must have been great if there was no rain, the silver grass were gently moving side by side like a giant, fluffy carpet.




When we were about to reach the top, the wind became very strong, we could barely keep on going.

20180228_112128        20180228_112308

In the end, we spent about 1.5 or 2 hours to reach the east peak of Qixing Mountain and we stopped because of the weather condition. Still, it was cool to see the misty Qixing Mountain!


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