Going South in Semana Santa – Zihuatanejo

The kind of slow paced beach holiday that you need.

Since I didn’t live exactly close to the beach, when it was vacation time I always wanted to go to somewhere close to the sea. During the 2 week semana santa holiday, I planned my way towards south, starting from Zihuatanejo, Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca.

From my city Guadalajara to Zihuatanejo is a 7-9 hour bus ride, I took a night bus with Ayumi and we arrived Zihuatanejo early in the morning, when the town was still asleep. Coffee was all I needed, there was only a cafe opened this early, so we took our bags and walked in.

20170409_082107  20170409_082043  20170409_100233

What a great way to start the morning! It was a lovely place with great portion of delicious breakfast, and later on I found out that there were more similar shops like this in this beach town. It gave me a pretty nice impression of this Zihuatanejo already.

After a hearty breakfast, it was time to hit the beach!




Playa Las Gatas is a small place, but the water is crystal clear, and you can spend your whole day just doing sun bathing or dipping yourself in the incredibly clean water. It’s almost like putting your feet in water with ice cubes!


Later we went back to town and just walking around, there’s one characteristic that Zihuatanejo has is that the street view and houses are all brick red, unlike all the other town that I have visited that are usually full of various bright colors, but I found both types beautiful in their own way.


There are a lot of cute shops along the streets, but my favorite will definitely be the ones with Zapoteco pattern fabric. All the fabric is made by wool and dyed by natural tint coming from flowers and plants. Despite the fact that I wanted to bring back a rug, but all I could afford was a mug cushion…haha!

IMG-20170410-WA0007  20170415_191823

Other than these shops, there are many restaurants and cafes that sell healthy and organic food, smoothie, and drinks, and they were perfect for a hot summer day.



Our hotel was pretty good, too! It was located in a centric area and plus it had a nice pool! We spent a lot of time just relaxing at the pool.



We spent a nice 3 days here at Zihuatanejo, and it was definitely a perfect place for those who seek a slow paced vacation with good food and beautiful beaches to go!



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